This was full-building modeling before. It doesn't have to be so hard.
for: Building Auditors & Consultants
Easy, complete calculations. The easiest, smoothest energy auditing and modeling tool. Simple inputs, supported by smart defaults and automatic building code lookups, are automatically translated into 3-D full-building energy models in Energy Plus for you, no drawing, no engineering! Models run on a powerful remote server, freeing up your computer for you. Results are automatically placed into multiple reports and calculations. But it also includes water, trash, carbon footprint, cost and long term financial impacts, and ongoing maintenance and replacement, all in one model.


Real stuff, not theory. Condense provides dynamic product catalogs with performance and cost data that automatically applies to your model. We provide a library of real products and components that's growing every day. But you can also use the smart bid forms to grab up-to-date cost and performance data directly from your favorite building product vendors and installers.


Finished projects. Happy clients.

How legitimate is it?
Condense produces real Energy Plus energy models, which can be exported as Energy Plus .idf files for scrutinization by certification or compliance reviewers and engineers. Condense has been used with great success to produce documentation for multiple HUD MIP reduction projects. To read details about one of those, click here.
What does it look like?
The most powerful energy modeling tool in the industry is also the easiest. Intelligent algorithms create thousands of calculations in the background based on very minimal inputs by you. (Watch the demo below.)

We're currently adding offline capabilities directly to our website-based platform, using the latest web technology, so you can walk-through a building without an internet connection, and keep Condense rolling.

Reports are beautiful, and speak the language of your building owner:

Reports are beautiful, and speak the language of your building owner:

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To view case studies illustrating the accuracy of Condense calculations, and to see more details on specific applications, click here.