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Easy, complete calculations. The easiest, smoothest energy auditing and modeling tool. Simple inputs, supported by smart defaults and automatic building code lookups, are automatically translated into 3-D full-building energy models in Energy Plus for you, no drawing, no engineering! But it also includes water, trash, carbon footprint, cost and long term financial impacts, and ongoing maintenance and replacement, all in one model.


Real stuff, not theory. Condense provides dynamic product catalogs with performance and cost data that automatically applies to your model. We provide a library of real products and components that's growing every day. But you can also use the smart bid forms to grab up-to-date cost and performance data directly from your favorite building product vendors and installers.


Finished projects. Happy clients.

What does it look like?
Condense is web-based, but also provides a simple, bulletproof Excel workbook to use for gathering your inputs:

This is so useful for walk-through audits of existing buildings, where internet connections might be unreliable. All your inputs are saved to a local Excel file on your computer. It also makes inputs for new construction so much quicker if you already have some of your data in tables from architectural documents (space names and square footages, etc.). Because it's just an Excel workbook, you can copy and paste in entire blocks of data.

Condense also provides a web-based Add-In directly within the Excel workbook, so it feels very user-friendly:

Condense also provides a web-based Add-In directly within the Excel workbook, so it feels very user-friendly and connects you to our latest resources:

Reports are beautiful, and speak the language of your building owner:

Reports are beautiful, and speak the language of your building owner:

How accurate is it?
Condense was developed over many years by building industry experts. Calculations cover multiple dimensions of building performance, including energy use, water, financial, construction cost, ongoing maintenance, trash, and more. Energy use is by far the most complex item to estimate, which is why we insisted on adapting the Energy Plus platform. Energy Plus was created (and is maintained) by energy experts at the U.S. Department of Energy, and is widely considered by professional engineers to be the gold standard for accurate building energy modeling. It takes a 3D model of the building and subspaces against real weather data and models energy consumption over every 8760 hours of the year, taking into account radiant and convective movement of heat and HVAC system response. There are over 800 categories of inputs in an Energy Plus model. Because of this complexity, we worked hard to pare down and focus the modeling process. We spent years performing sensitivity anlayses to determine which factors are most critical to an accurate energy model, devising ways to automate the energy models, and eliminating the need for graphical inputs. Our accuracy tests out to be often within 2% of a traditional Energy Plus model. To view case studies illustrating the accuracy of Condense's energy modeling system, click here.

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